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Mergers & Rumors

A compilation of mergers, news and rumors:

Rumor: VZ and Vodafone deal

IPO: Broadsoft and Telx both for $100M IPO's; meanwhile, Calix already raised $80m in an IPO this year.

WSJ says that Palm is in trouble. WSJ also says that new iPhone going CDMA with VZW.

Speculation: Jim Crowe's house is for sale; thus, he is stepping down from his Chair; so L3 needs a new CEO. They will buy one when they acquire GX.

My thought: with the amount of debt in telecom and the amount that has been pushed back from 2013 to 2016 to stave off payment issues, how in the world would there be financing for this activity? Oh, wait, Wall Street bankers like commissions.

Megapath and Covad merge. People hope they snag New Edge Networks too, but the EarthLink idiots are probably too greedy. (ELN should have acquired AOL or NetZero but seem oblivious). BTW, did you know that combined its a $500M outfit, selling Ethernet as much as DSL? I was stunned by that knowledge.

Managed Services is not MPLS, backup or a managed router or firewall really.

Fact: The FCC Lost Net Neutrality court case against Comcast because FCC Lacks Authority over Net Neutrality. Title I versus Title II??? Speculation: the FCC will delay approving the Comcast-NBCU deal, but will eventually relent.

Which is worse for consumers: Comcast-NBCU or Google-VZ?

XO released 40Gbps service nationwide, as well as more LMDS wireless services. Sales are up to $1.5B annually.

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