I Want To Work With You

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I Want To Work With You

I hear that a lot: "I want to work with you." What they really mean is: "Please sell for us." or "Please bring us deals."

It's actually getting funny. I had a VoIP provider call me recently. I tried explaining that I work with VoIP Providers - many of them. They are clients. He didn't get it until I said it directly. (Apparently, can't listen - which makes for a bad partner).

Today, a collocation company called me -- the 3rd one in a month. He tried to coach it a number of ways, but in the end he was saying "Bring me deals". He made an appointment to talk with me (which I appreciate), but he actually missed it and called two hours later. When he was making the appointment, I plainly explained that if you just want me to sell for you, let's not waste each other's time. It was a waste fo time.

I'm looking for consulting clients, not more vendors to sell for. I even explained that I have plenty of collocation partners who I have a strong relationship with (COLOTRAQ and Host.Net).

Why would I work with you when I already have partners in your space? That's the question you have to answer. What value do I get adding you as a vendor?

(I don't even want vendors. I want PARTNERS).

The problem for agents is that there are so many companies that are looking to the channel for sales growth, Who do you choose as a partner?

And I don't think people understand the word PARTNER.

I have never moved a circuit for the sake of moving a circuit. Even when the term is up and my commission stops, I don't move circuits.  That's being a partner.

What's your value to the Agent? What do you bring to the table as a Vendor?

  • Do you have a unique product or service offering?
  • What's your Value Proposition?
  • Are you selective in choosing Agents?
  • Do you have Channel Support?
  • What kind of Channel support (quoting tool, status updates, collateral, channel managers, commission tool)?
  • Do you know who your target market is?
Do you even know what would make a good agent for you? There should be some kind of synergy between your company, your products/services, and the agent's business. If not, it will likely be a one-off or a waste of time for both of you.  How will we partner together to advance each other's company goals?

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