Sprint is its own Enemy

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Sprint is its own Enemy

Well, 1Q2010 was another tough one for Sprint losing $865 million. It did shave its subscriner losses to just 75,000. Offering $50 unlimited pre-paid on Boost and $70 unlimited on post-paid -- and still losing customers. How????

The big issue I see is that their fiber network is under-utilized. Last year at an agent event I sat through an MPLS session presented by Sprint Indirect Channel execs. About halfway through - at 22 minutes - they started talking about wireless integration to the MPLS. They couldn't even spend the full 45 minutes talking about wireline. I expressed this in my usual fashion during Q&A. The execs said they would like to speak about that further. I never heard back.

I told them that I was having a problem selling Sprint MPLS because CIO's weren't sure about what they would be getting -- or if the company would be around.

This year I have been waiting to hear back from Sprint since the CP Expo about the MVNO program and the Broadsoft Integration service. I'm still in holding pattern as Sprint passes the buck from person to person. Even the product manager hasn't giving me specific details, pricing or anything concrete about this product. I have a client ITSP that has been asking them about it since it was displayed at the Sprint booth at Broadsoft Connections in October last year!!

Before my eyes, Sprint is becoming worse than VZ.

@danhesse -- you need to step aside and get someone in there that can actually move your company into execution and customer service. All the commercials and marketing speak in the world won't help if you don't have sales operations in place!

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