What Happened to Redundancy?

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What Happened to Redundancy?

I don't know if you have been reading about the outages that the Cloud Providers have been having. Rackspace, Amazon, Terremark to name a few have experienced outages in the last six months.

My question is What Happened to Redundancy?

The main selling point of these data centers is Redundancy. You know, Battery backup, Generator (for auxillary power), in some cases dual electrical grid power feeds.  

A vehicle took out a transformer on a utility pole in instances at both Rackspace and Amazon. But shouldn't the battery backup work for at least 45 minutes? Isn't this enough time to kick-start the generator? What about dual entrances for power feeds? 

I'm just asking because as we move more and more apps to the cloud - more critical than documents and email - the providers should have Redundancy in place. And look I understand 99.9% means that downtime can be 8.76 hours per year. (There's 8760 hours in a year.) And 4 nines means 0.876 hours of down time. And 99.6% uptime means 35 hours of outage per year. (Nothing is going to be up 4 or 5 nines any more).

But with voice and medical records and critical business apps running in the cloud, customers (and agents) will need to understand the uptime and redundancy for each DC.  (Security is also a worry but that's another post).

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