Congressional Rural Broadband

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Congressional Rural Broadband

For years no one in Congress cared about the Internet or Broadband. (In fact, it looked like they didn't care about anything but re-election).

But the ILEC's have them caring. Yep. Lobbying dollars into the accounts of about 40 congress critters will do that. Also, the return on lobbying dollars is high. Ever hear of an ILEC going BK before the former VZ properties (e.g., Hawaii or Fairpoint)?

Now with an FCC that is tackling the broadband problem and looking into the USF reform, ILEC's are worried that some of that pile of cash will be leaving their stakeholders' pockets.

"A bipartisan coalition of 40 congressional officials has sent FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski a letter asserting that the official government goal of 4 megabits per second for rural broadband is too low."  [from BroadbandBreakfast]

Yep. NOW we have a Digital Divide issue. Sheesh!

BTW, the 4MB was a Minimum, which means those companies CAN build out to 100MB but they obviously want lots of taxpayer money to do so. Can we give them a loan like we gave GM? So at least taxpayers get the money back after these companies post profits quarter after quarter?

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