Rich Calling is Different

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Rich Calling is Different

Google Voice rolled out a new way to look at call management. (Even though GotVmail - now Grasshopper - had a similar product for a while with far less fanfare.), RingCentral and other companies have offerings that are similar to GOOG's Grand Central experiment.

I got to speak with Micheal Zirngibl at Ringio. Ringio is rolling out "Rich Calling". What is that, right? (See the Slideshare presentation for a quick overview.) 

Well, a lot of reviews have been written. Tom Keating has a good write up. It's cloud-based communications with intelligient routing added. It integrates with CRM and any address book to allow for intelligient routing. For instance, greet the caller by name; remember who the caller spoke with last time to make the connection quicker; and know where each employee is and if available. 

TechCocktail writes about the customer service aspect of Rich Calling. The features and the integration aspects make for a unique offering. Google Sync, shared address book, shared call logs, call history and smart auto attendant are just some of the cool things that come with the service.

Small Biz Computing claims that the SMB space now have access to Enterprise Call Center functionality without the Enterprise price.

Ringio is a slick, simple tool. I like the blacklist ability (that tells the caller good-bye) and Call Whisper feature. In the address book you can tag callers so that they get specific answers when they call.

And here's more:

There is an Adobe Air app for the desktop that allows for functionality not available through the website. And there is an Android app already. Both apps offer the same experience from anywhere.

Ringio is targeting the sweet spot of 5 to 50 employees. Right now it is sold via the website in a self-serve fashion. Partnerships especially with an SAAS providers and Private Labeling are available. There is an API for web enabled data sources to pull data into the system --- that's close to providing the Unified Desktop experience that gets talked about at Contact Center and UC shows. 

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