Another LTE Player?

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Another LTE Player?

No, not Sprint, although according to the media, Sprint is thinking about deploying LTE. I'm talking about Lightsquared.

This new LTE venture promises 100,000 jobs and a 4G network that will reach 92% of the populace. Lightsquared is a consortium based on Harbinger Capital Partners acquisition of SkyTerra Communications. "SkyTerra will provide the spectrum for this venture. Nokia Siemens will design the network, install equipment, and manage the operation, which consists of about 40,000 cellular base stations." [source]

How does a new player enter the market, a market that Sprint and T-Mobile can barely compete in? A market so flat that VZW had more wholesale (pre-paid through Walmart and Tracfone) adds than retail (contacted). A market that cable is going to start penetrating which is why VZW started wholesaling. And how do they get cool handsets? That's the biggest issue facing any MVNO or Wholesale Cellular customer. 

I just don't see it. I understand that wholesale cellular is an untapped market, but the MVNO model is challenging to say the least.

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