FiberNet Changes Hands (Again)

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FiberNet Changes Hands (Again)

One Communications sold off its FiberNet holdings - 100,000access lines and about 3,500 route miles - to NTELOS, according to a press release. The price tag: "for cash consideration of approximately $170 million." Huh? What is that?

I'm translating this from the One CEO to mean we needed the cash or cash consideration:

""FiberNet and its dedicated employee team have been a valuable part of the One Communications family," said Howard Janzen, CEO of One Communications. "But I believe there is now a tremendous opportunity to create new possibilities for its customers, partners and employees as they begin a new chapter and draw on NTELOS' long history of providing exceptional telephone service in the region."

One should have made some kind of deal for access to NTELOS' cellular platform. Cellular is a piece that many companies are going to have to look at soon. (Ask Qwest). For no other reason than to push up ARPU and to get sticky by capturing more of the TTS (total telecom spend of the customer).

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