Just Pointing It Out (part 644)

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Just Pointing It Out (part 644)

We have a lot of good writers at TMC.  A lot of content gets produced here. So much info in fact that it's impossible to read it all. Thankfully TMC is SEO-ed to the max, which our advertisers, channel partners and readers love. 

Paula Bernier wrote in the May issue of the Internet Telephony magazine about a couple of news items. I wanted to comment on them here.

One is the Intelysis is one of the bigger master agents in the US. Others include Microcorp and TBI. All of the bigger master agencies throw an annual party. Top producers get rewarded at these events. Some do it bigger than others. All the masters are about the same: 30+ carrier relationships; from 300-1000 agents (active agents is a different stat); back office support; commission collection; and no quota for the sub-agent.  

It isn't about the party. (Although if they throw realloy big parties, maybe they aren't paying out enough commissions). It's about the master agency that best works for you because you will be glued to them for as long as you want that recurring commisison check. Pick wisely.

The other piece was about the TNCI Equity Plan. Not to beat this horse, but to give you an example of how this might play out, TMC was just bought out by Globalinx and a whopping 50 agents will see a cash equity pay out. That's all I'm saying. 

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