Seriously, More iPhone

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Seriously, More iPhone

This country has some major issues not the least of which the media gets bogged done in buzz marketing. Why else would there be a week's worth of "news" about LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami. A week! That's almost more coverage than we give to any of the folloeing:

homelessness in America, either war in the MidEast, any DC scandal, certainly more face time than the problems injured soldiers are facing, hello? the oil that is still spilling, and in Tampa 2 police officers shot dead got less press than LeBron. WTH?

And then there's the flipping iPhone. I can't stand the amount of press this gadget gets. Seriously, is this ALL we have to talk about besides CLOUD? Maybe we should get more informed people in the media.

Again this week we are back to "When will VZW get the iPhone?" [Dallas BizJournal] And PC Mag says that exclusivity is hurting Apple. How? There are hundreds of articles a week about the exclusivity, the 4th version, the network, blah, blah, barf. How does that kind of press hurt Apple?

Will VZW sell more iPhones? Of course, but not why you think. The AT&T iPhone is GSM. That won't work on VZW's CDMA network. So everyone that wants to switch will need to buy a new one.

If people really hated AT&T's network, they would jail-break the phone and move to T-Mobile. And if this was a niche at all, there would be Google Ads for people doing this.

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