The Green Zone Inside Out

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The Green Zone Inside Out

[Just a warning: This is a Rant, so you can skip it if you want.]

I just finished reading Barry Eisler's book, Inside Out. Eisler used to work for the CIA. Page 301: "Number 1, the country is run by corporate interests. I never understand when people get worked up about socialism. There's no socialism here/ There's corporatism."

I don't know about you, but all during the healthcare debate, my Facebook page was covered up with people crying about how America was a socialist state. It just goes to show how ignorant the average voter is. (Thanks Fox "News" for stirring up the public but not educating them at all). 

And another thing: We already have free healthcare in this country. It's called the ER. Anyone without insurance - homeless, illegal immigrant, other people who know how to game the system - know that they can use the emergency room at a public funded hospital to get treatment, drugs, and even a bed occasionally. All at taxpayer expense.

The whole healthcare debate is so that we can shift the money to Big Pharma and Insurance companies instead of Medicare, which is bankrupt, by the way.

Last I read there were about 14,000 lobbyists in DC for the 535 Congress Critters. Eisler writes that there is only about a 2% churn in Congress. That's how ignorant voters are. They don't like how things rae going, but they vote in the same critter over and over.

In the beginning, Congress was part-time. These guys had JOBS as farmers, merchants, etc. They came together in the Winter (after Harvest) for a short while to perform the necessary Federal things. Now it's a full-time well-paid machine that is out of control. How many more laws do we need? Hardly any. We don't have any new problems -- worse, we don't have any solution other than throw money at it - and I was told that if money would fix it, it wasn't a problem.

Anyway, so after reading Inside Out, I then watched Green Zone. Probably not the double dose of reality I needed. Now I get that both are fiction, but then many of you think that Fox "News" is actually news, so forgive me for thinking that there is always a good dose of reality even in fiction.  Green Zone is about the fact that our US President went to war with Iraq on fabricated intelligience that he later blamed on the CIA. Good movie. Good book. Read and see if you disagree with me. I welcome the dialogue.

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