Do You Compete With Your Channel Manager?

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Do You Compete With Your Channel Manager?

Lately, I have been seeing some crazy things out of Channel Managers. Do they not understand that everything comes out since we operate in a small world?

I have seen this twice this month, where someone is a channel manager for a VoIP Provider and also runs a VoIP Provider. You read that correctly. On LinkedIn. Two different people who run a VoIP business (BigTown Business VoIP) that competes with the day job of running a Channel for another VoIP Business (CHI-Town Biz VoIP).

My best guess is that the BigTown is a reseller of CHI-Town for deals that CHI-Town doesn't want. Which leads me to wonder about leads that go into the CHI-Town's channel. Just plain conflict of interest.

And this is why people think telecom is sleazy! Because there is way too much of this crap!

How about a Channel Manager who gives leads to his favorite agents that come from his non-favorite agents? Nice huh?

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