Bundling for Stickiness

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Bundling for Stickiness

Last year at Broadsoft Connections I did a panel on Bundling. Not many VoIP Providers bundle. Sure they offer Internet Access but that's mainly for QOS. What do they offer that makes them STAND OUT? Stop being Me-too.

The whole premise of Cloud Communications is Productivity. Aren't there a bunch of ways to bundle together services to make a small or medium business more productive, efficient, and customer friendly? I think so. (See the slideshow below)

At ITEXPO West 2010, I am moderating a panel, The Importance of Bundling: Creating Stickiness at 10/6/10 at 9:30 AM with Broadvox and Cbeyond. We are going to discuss ways that bundles add stickiness. It will also demonstrate differentiation. Join us for that discussion.

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