More Trade Show Tips

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More Trade Show Tips

Here are some more links to some helpful tips for your trade show schedule.

First up, HOW TO: 10 Tips on Presenting at Conferences. Let me summarize: PowerPoint is NOT to be read to the audience and remember the 10-20-30 Rule by Guy Kawasaki (video)!

There's a rather long slide show on slideshare called Steal This Presentation. At least scan through it. There are good points.

Many vendors tell me that they want more people in their sessions. No kidding? Well, how about being Interesting? Really. It isn't about you and your company and it's products. Unless you are the new Google or Facebook - some paradigm shifting service - you have to talk about the benefits. Actually, you have to talk about the Pain that you solve. Let me repeat that: You have to talk about the Pain that you Solve for your Customers. Pain-Solve-Customers. Got it?

Men are visual. That doesn't mean use words. Use pictures on your slides.

Anyone has ever been on a panel with me knows that I abhor slides. I want to have a dialogue. A conversation. I want Q&A. I want to engage the audience. In many cases, as moderator, I will scrap the whole presentation and just go around the room to ask the attendees what they want to know/hear. (This scares some panelists).

Again, you want more attendees? Market it. Email your list ahead of time. Ask them what they would want to know if they were in that session. Blog about it. Put the slides up on slideshare. This is called marketing. It's how you get people to attend. At the ITEXPO, there are numerous sessions every hour, each day. Stand out by telling your audience about your session.

I help organize BarCamp Tampa Bay each year. This year we are giving a class on how to be a better presenter a week before the event. If you think this would help you (or someone you know), ping me. I'm sure I can work something out.

So while you are at the trade show, Protect Your Laptop. "12,000 disappear from US airports weekly."

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