Add Some Skinny to Broadworks

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Add Some Skinny to Broadworks

mergers.jpgGenband M6 platform is a softswitch that allows service providers to utilize Cisco IP phones running Skinny. The problem has been that Broadsoft, which bought Genband's M6 platform, has completed the process of adding the M6 feature set to the Broadworks platform. There are a bunch of M6 companies wondering what to do, because migrating customers from one platform to the new one (M6 to standard Broadworks) would be painful. (Thing re-configure every phone!)

Today, CommX merged with PressONE. A Broadworks shop merged with an M6 shop. It should be interesting to see how that works out.

More consolidation in this space is coming for 2 reasons: the VC backed VoIP Providers won't be seeing any more cash from their VC's without more results; and there are just too many providers in the space -- no scale being approached by so many.

In related news, CommX, a Tampa, Florida based ITSP, has signed a deal to provide Vidtel services for their customers.

More details to follow.

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