Is the Time Up on Colo?

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Is the Time Up on Colo?

cloud-computing.jpgLast week we saw restated guidance from Equinix about revenue for the year. All the sector stocks tanked, even Savvis although it raised its revenue estimate for the year.

One thing that stock pickers don't understand is, um, the business that they trade in. Do any of them even talk to people in the sector?

Equinix is seeing a downgrade in revenue, because they cut off their Channel partners. When they bought Switch & Data, they sliced the indirect channel off.

Now partners are moving business to other collocation companies like Savvis, Telx and others. Dany Bouchedid of COLOTRAQ states that his company is already experiencing a record year and that Equinix is experiencing unexpected churn, because they burned their partners.

It's not like the sector isn't still building out data centers or The Cloud dried up. I guess it's a good time to buy stocks in this sector because The Cloud is here to stay.

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