Time For VoIP Consolidation

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Time For VoIP Consolidation

There are over a thousand VoIP Providers in North America. When you talk to many of the sales folks and executives, you can hear about the hyper-competitive marketplace and the lack of positioning. (Positioning is the unique value proposition of the service offering, something lacking from most providers).

As my readers know, Net-Head mentality would certainly solve some of this.

Consolidation is happening. There are some cloud communications providers that are looking to sell; and a couple looking to buy. One or two are out bargain shopping. Phone Power LLC merged with VoIP.com on October 1, 2010. [Thanks Rich for the info]

There's rumors that Broadvox is looking to acquire an Atlanta based VoIP provider. That should be interesting since Broadvox has a proprietary platform (AFAIK) and the prospect is Broadsoft and Nortel based.

It's time for consolidation in this space.

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