Where Can You Find Me?

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Where Can You Find Me?

CVX EXPOLast week was a whirlwind, Tampa to Los Angeles to Ontario ($125 cab ride???) to New Orleans to Orlando to Tampa. ITEXPO, StartupCamp and CVX Expo were great. Over 200 booths at the show. ITEXPO gave away a Mustang convertible and Nimsoft had a contest for a Tesla! (TWC had cupcakes).

So many sessions. So much content. So many people. (That's why I go.)  A big hand to the whole TMC team along with Larry Lisser and the Channel Vision team!

After ITEXPO, I hit an ISP/CLEC show in New Orleans to hang out with some clients. It's always good to see and talk to clients face-to-face.

Next up is a master agent show in Stone Mountain, GA, where I will be discussing the opportunities for agents in The Cloud with my panel at Microcorp's One-on-One.

Then off to Broadsoft Connections in Phoenix to Ignite some Progress in Hosted PBX.

There is a possibility that I will be at The Broadband Expo in Dallas on Nov. 1-3 just to hear Charlie from DISH speak and to hear Rich speak.

Then I think I'll take a breath since by then my Lit Building Sales Plan book will be launched!

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