If Only the Presenters Improved

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If Only the Presenters Improved

I organize a few events. I present at a few conferences. And I attend about 15 each year. I rarely sit through a whole presentation. Why? I'm bored. The presenter is bored. I'm not kidding. (In Phoenix one presenter looked so bored of having to present the stats and graphs.)  No one practices or prepares for sessions. They read you the slides.

Let's face it if I plunk down between $1295 and $2995 for a ticket, should the content be golden? Shouldn't the presenters care about what they presenting?

I'm helping put together a couple of agendas now. I don't want a panel of 3 or 4 unless they are going to argue. Seriously. Even then I would rather have a panel of 2 and the other 2 ask questions from the audience.

Have you heard of BarCamp or IGNITE or Pecha Kucha? Google them. BarCamp is Un-Conferences, which means the agenda is created that day by people that show up to share, learn and present. At BarCamp Tampa Bay 2010, some attendees asked for a Twitter 101 session, so we grabbed a few people and held a session.  

IGNITE is like Pecha Kucha in that it's a presentation of 20 slides that are automatically advanced. (see the above YouTube as an example of Ignite).

We have so many examples of good presentation - DEMO, TED, IGNITE, Steve Jobs - all available for viewing 24/7. If you are presenting at a conference in 2011, I beg you to take the time to prepare. Even a little. Think beyond yourself. Think about the Audience. The people that paid big money to glean some knowledge from these session. They did not come to hear you puke marketing speak at them (you have your CEO to do that at the keynote). 

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