Renewals and Retention

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Renewals and Retention

As an Agent are you actively working to retain your customers? Are you working on renewals for contracts ending? If not, commissions will end and the account will be taken over by a corporate salesperson.

"When a MetTel account falls into "Renewal Status" or month-to-month rates/terms, unless an Agent can show an active/current role in trying to "renew" a term on the client, MetTel's internal renewal group will begin to do so, which will forfeit the Agent's commission."

That's just one of the carriers who will jump on M2M accounts. I feel your pain. I have clients who won't sign a contract and want to be Month-2-Month, but carriers want contracted revenue.

Also, clients aren't too happy if you point out (or neglect to point out) the auto-renewal clause in many carrier contracts. It requires notification up to 90 days before the expiration date of the contract. (Usually that expiration date is different than the date it was signed by the customer).

Just something to keep in mind to maintain your base and commissions.

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