3 New Acquisitions

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3 New Acquisitions

PAETEC subsidiary Paetec Software Corporation, bought Formula Telecom Solutions Inc. for $13 million in cash, according to this release. PAETEC is just buying the billing platform it has used for over ten years. Makes sense. And $13M for a BSS system is nothing.

BTW, rumor has it that PAETEC and EarthLink are in the auction to buy ONE Communications.

Lightower Fiber Networks buys more Long Island fiber with its purchase of Open Access Inc. per its press release. Lightower already bought Veroxity and Lexent Metro Connect this year. This makes them dense in NYC/Long Island which could make Cablevision a good partner. Lightower offers Fat Pipe in the form of dark fiber, wavelengths, SONET and collocation services, services most likely sold to other carriers. Shoring up fiber assets in a marketplace is a good strategy that Lightower's private equity owners have put together. Now the hard part: growing revenue to pay down the debt burden. Selling Fat Pipe is not easy.

Meanwhile, Sidera, formerly RCN Metro, bought some Long Island fiber, too, when it acquired Long Island Fiber Exchange. 900 miles of fiber and 550 lit buildings. Nice for Sidera and ABRY Partners.

Still more M&A to come - not just in fiber but also in VoIP and Cloud.

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