Merger Conditions for Comcast

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Merger Conditions for Comcast

TMC has the Comcast-NBC merger fully covered - here, here, here, here and the story of Congresswoman Waters.  Waters wants a written plan for diversity included in the merger paperwork. Without teeth, Comcast could write anything down. Where's the enforcement coming from?

One condition is that everyone has to get access to NBC content. Of course they do, but the FCC can't set the pricing!

Another rumored condition is that Comcast offer $10 broadband for the underserved areas. There was a similar condition in the SBC-BellSouth merger that called for $10 broadband. You had to jump through hoops to get it -- only online and you needed to buy a phone line too! These things never work out the way they should and the FCC doesn't enforce anything but paperwork.

It looks like the usual DC politician dance while Corporate America consolidates some more. How many Too Big To Fail companies will we have to support?

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