Rumor: VZW iPhone

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Rumor: VZW iPhone

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Twitter is all abuzz about the special announcement tomorrow by VZW in NYC. Dan York says that he can't see Steve Jobs letting VZW have the lead on this story. I agree. Everyone is certain that the iPhone will be out on Verizon's xG network by the end of 1Q2011. I wonder what that will do to the $8 per month per phone that Ma Bell pays Apple. Will it stop with the exclusivity?

Then there are the polls about will you swtich from Ma Bell to Pa Bell. Psst! If you switch, you have to buy a new phone. The current iPhone is GSM and HSPA+ which supposedly barely works on Ma Bell's network and can work on T-Mobile's limited network, but cannot work on VZW. Different protocol. Different radios. Different spectrum. So not only will you pay ETF (early termination fees) you will have to buy a new device. That's expensive.

Now in further rumor-ville, Syniverse is hiring a group that will just be porting landline numbers to cellular numbers for VZW. Interesting?

So if Pa Bell gets the Apple phone this quarter, will there be a promotion to get folks to cut the landline?? Seems crazy. 

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