Smoothstone Has Patience with Sprint

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Smoothstone Has Patience with Sprint

Sprint finally lands a partner in its Mobile Convergence system. After spending much of 2010 talking with Sprint about the MVNO and Integration options, I applaud the patience of Smoothstone, which announced today the availability of Smoothstone's cloud-based voice solutions combined with Mobile Integration delivered over the Sprint Global MPLS network to provide unprecedented flexibility and performance for the most dynamic and demanding businesses. In English, that means that Smoothstone's softswitch (Broadsoft it seems) is connected to Sprint's network via an MPLS link to allow customers that also have a Sprint mobile phone to have full integration with the Hosted PBX. In essence, the Sprint cell phone becomes an extension on the PBX.

This is good news for the Channel because now you can sell Smoothstone AND Sprint mobility accounts. Ca-shing!

ADDED LATE: Speaking of Sprint: we have the situ with CLEAR that needs to be Clear-ed up :) So both Sprint and Clearwire will be at a Citi Conference. Maybe we'll find out something then. And Hesse says that Sprint rates will be increasing.

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