Congrats to AT&T Partners

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Congrats to AT&T Partners

AT&T announced the 2011 AT&T Business Solution Provider Champions. There are only 3 Gold winners: Cydcor, Presidio and Spearhead. One of the Bronze winners, JBS of Orlando, I have known for quite a few years.

Congratulations to these companies because working with AT&T is a Challenge. It takes hours to do anything with their antiquated systems. Just to get a quote, an agent has to input all the data for the prospect and wait for a DUNS number. (That's usually a day). Then the agent has to ask if the prospect is available to be quoted (Segmentation stuff that takes another day). Then the agent can go through SMART (HA!) to ask for a quote. You have to be a long distance hurdler to play this game. It's ridiculous!  So again to get to the Bronze is an achievement in persistence.

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