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Please Leave a Message

Listening to panelists all week, I think that they only come in two flavors: one, those enamored with the technology and two, those that have to get their talking points out (like a politician). In both cases, they miss the mark. At least, the passion techie or geek is interesting to listen to.

Why do you think voicemail is so prevalent? No one wants to hear your marketing dribble. No one wants to be interrupted by something that is not relevant to them or interesting.

We have numerous tactics to broadcast to people: as a presenter, in an interview, PR, advertising, direct and email, social networks, and other forms of marketing. In many cases, these are just tools used to spout forth the marketing talk or the talking points. And we wonder why it doesn't work effectively. Interruption Marketing is boring, tired and uncreative - especially for companies in telecom who mostly have me-too services.

Email marketing has a 1% open rate. Direct mail is less than that. Voicemail is to hide from the robo-calling. Broadcasting on twitter with a shortened URL to track clicks has to be disappointing. And the website bounce rate is about 8 seconds.

Consumers have ADD - but Marketers cause it.

I get press releases that have nothing newsworthy in them. I wonder if the PR firm isn't just padding the bill or has to invent something to put out this week. (This only adds to the disruption, ADD, and avoidance).

Marketing teams consistently look for a hook. They ask how to go viral. They look for the next tool or trick to use. But they forget the fundamentals.

It isn't about the tool. It's about the Message!

And puking on your audience doesn't work. (And Call Loop spamming my cell phone with SMS marketing won't work!)

The best tech doesn't win. The best marketing wins.

And by that I mean clear, concise wording about the huge benefit to the customer.

Seth Godin wrote Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and Meatball Marketing - combined they spell out how to market in an era of too much noise. It boils down to saying something relevant to the audience - in other words, speak about benefits not features - and engage the audience.

At the end of the day, can you spread your idea?

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