TWC Snags Navisite

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TWC Snags Navisite

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When I first heard the news last night, I thought that TWT (tw telecom) had scoooped up Navisite. Instead, it's TWC (Time Warner Cable) that is paying $230M for the hosting company. The MSO gets 1200 clients and 10 data centers including 2 SAS 70 Type II centers.

Since TWC (and Comcast) compete with VZ, perhaps the VZ acquisition of Terremark sparked this move. VZ is also breaking ground on a data center near Niagra Falls in NY. Windstream bought a hosting solution and CenturyLink is merging with Qwest and its chain of CyberCentres. It's the best guess for the future as more and more data and apps move into The Cloud.

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