The Number from Above(Net)

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The Number from Above(Net)

Bill LaPerch

Here is AboveNet CEO Bill LaPerch presenting the business numbers to the channel partners at their private event at the CP Expo in Vegas this week. AboveNet has some interesting numbers:

2400 lit buildings including 450 data centers

1400 customers, most of whom are not wholesale. Dark fiber sales are growing at 8%.

AboveNet slide

AboveNet's aim is to capture the clients that have big bandwidth needs, like media production houses (like Pixar); content companies; Radiology centers; and the like.

AboveNet is building where the need is. For example, they built out on the Upper East Side in NYC because they didn't have fiber there but there was a need for it along hospital row. An interesting figure is that 85% of CAPEX spending is success based. In other words, CAPEX is spent to improve the customer base, the customer experience and the network for prospective customers. They invested in Europe because of global access needs.

One interesting point is that AboveNet offers a lower latency and more secure route because it is private line designed. It doesn't hit every CO and tandem. The loop generally travels from the customer premise to a data center. That private network design adds security.

AboveNet just opened in Denver without a sales force because, as LaPerch stated, the agent community is strong in Denver and we think that you can sell it for us. AboveNet is Agent focused and driven.

LaPerch ended with this quote, "We'll invest in the customer with you."

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