DISHing Up a Blockbuster

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DISHing Up a Blockbuster

DISH Networks has bought Blockbuster video from bankruptcy for a bid of $320M, according to USA Today. DISH with 14 million satellite TV subscribers has rolled out Google TV enhancements and TV Everywhere, including on Android tablets. This purchase, if the BK Court approves it, might give DISH brick-and-mortar stores to sell more DISH services and Slingboxes.

This is the second asset purchase for DISH as they bought DBSD North America, Inc., a hybrid satellite and terrestrial communications company, for approximately $1 billion in February.

dish-echostar-hughes1.pngLooks like

DISH's parent company, ECHOSTAR, purchased Hughes Communications (NASDAQ: HUGH) for about $2 billion. So they may have a retail outlet for Hughes satellite "broadband".

DISH Network, Cellular South and the Rural Cellular Association (RCA) are asking the FCC to block AT&T's $1.9 billion purchase of Qualcomm's Flo TV spectrum, according to news reports.

Meanwhile today the FCC is having an open meeting on Inter-Carrier Compensation.

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