Satellite Wants FCC Funds

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Satellite Wants FCC Funds

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Of course. Why shouldn't another bunch of billion dollar companies ask the federal government for money. From the Benton Foundation: "A group of satellite broadband providers -- Dish Network, EchoStar Technologies, ViaSat/Wildblue Communications and Hughes Network Systems -- told the Federal Communications Commission that they should be allowed to participate in the Connect America Fund."

What's ironic is that Hughes Communications, the holding company that operates Hughes Network Systems, was purchased by Echostar in February. Echostar owns DISH Network. Only Hughes and Wildblue currently provide broadband, although Echostar is acquiring that ability.

Satellite companies aren't happy with just their birds in the sky.

I find it funny when people get mad at bandwidth caps and network management, satellite has been doing both of those activities for years. They just want a piece of the pie too.

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