Schools and Libraries are Off Limits

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Schools and Libraries are Off Limits

Saw this notice today: "AT&T corporate policy prohibits Alliance Channel Solution Providers from selling AT&T services to E-Rate eligible customers (which includes all K-12 schools and public libraries). Do not engage in sales activity of any kind with E-Rate eligible customers."

That's interesting because almost all schools and libraries are E-Rate eligible (if they do the paperwork). So if Agents want to sell to schools and libraries, Agents will need to bring in a different carrier.

Channel Segmentation is a pain. It's a policy whereby there are going to be accounts that Agents can't sell to, but Agents won't know which accounts they are until they register the opportunity and are informed that they can work it. The accounts vary from carrier to carrier. (At least in this case with this carrier, Agents know a whole class of accounts that they can't target.)


For those that are unfamiliar with the E-Rate program, it is funded by USF fees under the auspices of the FCC and managed by the Universal Services Admin Company (USAC). There a fact sheet on the US Dept. of Education website. Basically, it provides for the USAC to subsidize Internet Access for schools and libraries. And of course there is a lot of paperwork for both the schools and libraries and the service providers.

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