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I was lured in to watch some of the GOP Presidential candidates debate on CNN last night. (I'll keep any comments about how the Baker Act comes to mind while watching some of them.) Then I switched over to watch the Bruins just pound Vancouver again. (Sorry, Wig!) But the prevailing debate theme was JOBS.

I just noted that bankers are making pucks on M&S and debt, but there are jobs out there. Two were in my inbox today.

One CLEC needs a VoIP Account Exec.

One MSO needs some with Broadsoft experience.

A couple of months ago, a few CLEC's were hunting for Channel Managers.

If you are job hunting, is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and complete?
Are you connected to me on LinkedIn?
Do you check the jobs section of LinkedIn?
Do you check the TMC Job Board?

On twitter, I get a lot of marketing jobs. So if that is your thing, follow me on twitter since I re-tweet all the marketing jobs that I see.

The time to build your network is BEFORE you need a job, so get out there and network - locally and within your industry. Our industry (telecom) has a boatload of conferences, including the awsomeness that is ITEXPO, which will be coming up in Austin on 9/13-15.

I'm glad to see our sector is doing some hiring despite all the M&A that has shed tens of thousands of jobs in the last 3 years.  Here's an interesting article about the CEO's on Obama's Job Commission. (See fair play there.)

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