Sprint/C-Link Talk

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Sprint/C-Link Talk

There have been a bunch of rumors about Sprint being a perfect target for CenturyLink, especially after the T-T merger, when Sprint will become the the Danica Patrick of cellular (pretty, media savvy, but not a real contender).

CenturyLink is currently rolling out VZW products to small business and residential customers, according to news reports. Qwest, recently absorbed by CenturyLink, was partnered with Sprint then switched to being a VZW authorized agent. Since both carriers went with VZW, I don't see them rushing in to buy Sprint.

One reason: why give such a sales boost to VZW to then have to swap everyone over (if you even can get them to switch).

Another reason: Sprint has a convoluted relationship with Clearwire, cablecos and PCS affiliates. It's not plain nor easy. It would make for an added headache for any company to take that one while also trying to viw for federal, Fortune 5000, cloud, wireline, TV and the rest. It's just too many marbles on the floor for someone to fall on.

But then that's just my best guess. 

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