Top 3 Things Affecting Your Agency

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Top 3 Things Affecting Your Agency

Your telecom agency has seen some changes over the last 10 years for certain, but the industry is in another state of change. What three things can affect your Agency?

1. Commission changes. They happen often, even without M&A.

2. Your biggest carrier gets acquired (and that destroys your business plan). Just as bad is that you lose your largest client (and the associated commission stream).

3. You fail to add new services or service providers to your toolbox. This means you cannot add more revenue from your customer base -- and you can't go after a new vertical.

The concept is to adjust your sail to the changing winds of our industry. It's a challenge because it means almost constant change. Many business folks are head down all the time; and by the time they pick their head up they are wondering what happened?!

Traditional telecom is shrinking. Landlines are shrinking. Broadband, cellular and voice are flat markets with little growth. It's all take-away business now, meaning moving from carrier to carrier. Unless you want to be a quote machine, you will need to become familiar with terms like UC, Managed Services and Cloud. Or you face losing prospects, clients, commissions and sub-agents. This also means that you will have to talk to new service providers (like GreenAppX, InContact or NetWolves) or dive deep into traditional carriers who are delivering new services, like TWC and XO. (TWC bought Navisite to get into Cloud. XO has been a hosting (old name for cloud) provider since it was Nextlink.)

A final thought:Certification. Today, the customer is looking for a Trusted Advisor that they can bring in to help them through this tech transition to attain more efficiency, productivity, and flexibility (mobility) for the business.. Certification helps to demonstrate that you are serious about your profession. That you are disciplined. That you studied, spent time on, have a base of knowledge of a your subject matter.

To sum it up, you just have to set the sail anew. Trying to do business the same old way won't work much longer.

Karin Fields at Microcorp says "Invest in Yourself."

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