XO Has a New Channel Chief

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XO Has a New Channel Chief

XO has announced that the new Channel Head at XO is Shane McNamara. Shane spent time in the channel at Global Crossing and recently headed up the carrier services department (agency) at CDW. Shane replaces Brian Law, who left XO due to a renewed entrereneurial spirit.

From the official announcement from XO's CMO, Mike Toplisek: "Today I'm pleased to announce the new leader for the XO Business Partner program and our indirect sales efforts. Shane McNamara will join XO Communications as vice president of indirect sales, reporting to directly to me.

Shane joins us from CDW, a major reseller of computer hardware, software and supplies from companies such as Cisco, IBM and Microsoft. As general manager of carrier services for CDW, he lead the company’s indirect sales to carriers and service providers and successfully grew its indirect channel sales business by more than 40 percent over the last three years. Prior to that, he was director of sales and marketing for Global Crossing's indirect channel, where he helped build and grow its channel business, which delivered more than 50 percent revenue growth while he was in this role. Before that, he held various account management and sales roles in both the direct and indirect channel at Global Crossing.

With more than 14 years of sales experience in the telecommunications industry, Shane is a seasoned indirect channel sales leader and known entity among our valuable partners in the indirect channel in the telecommunications industry. Shane brings both a deep knowledge of the industry and key relationships and will be a great addition to our sales leadership team.

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