Metaswitch is Blowing Up

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Metaswitch is Blowing Up

Metaswitch_logo.pngI know that the M Forum was last week, but the news is tumbling out of Metaswitch faster than I can read it. It started at CPExpo when EarthLink Business confirmed that it was going Meta despite buying STS which was a Sylantro shop. Deltacom and ONE Comm had a lot of Metaswitches lying around (mostly unused :).

Optimum Lightpath (Cablevision) rolled out Next-Gen Hosted PBX for the mid-market and enterprise. It will be utilizing Metaswitch's MetaSphere multimedia application server for HD Voice, mobility, UM, visual voicemail, collaboration and conferencing.

One of the cool announcements was that Metaswitch inter-operates with the CloudTC Glass 1000, the industry's smartest IP phone. The CloudTC Glass 1000 includes a visual voicemail application that is fully compatible with the Metaswitch VoIP solution. The desk phone is an Android based device that is cool looking and one of the few desk phoens that actually utilize apps. (Not that others can't but this was designed to). Apps is where it is at. Thinking Different.

"Panasonic System Networks Company of America announced certification for interoperability of the KX-UT series of SIP telephones with Metaswitch Networks' platform, a recognition that signals admission into Metaswitch Networks' Mosaic Partner Program." More info about the phones at TechZone360. Panasonic is chasing the SMB market with these phones. They work with Asterisk too.

"Blue Mountain announced that its newly released hospitality middleware M-Suites enables hotel guestrooms to have carrier-grade VoIP services." Chasing verticals is the key to margin.

Finally, Lyrix introduced Mobiso, a new Cloud Based Speech Assistant to Metaswitch customers as a SAAS app. It's speech enabled auto attendant (SEAA).

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