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Smarter Ads

One thing about On-Demand Prime Time TV that drives me nuts is the way the ads are repeated and driven into your head like a nail via a hammer. OUCH! The ads aren't even good.

My email box since before ITEXPO has been filled with PR firms emailing me press releases. Why? I have no idea.

What do these have in common? Crappy marketing.

It's all about the company and features with too many buzz words that do NOT explain what the poduct or company does.

In short, your marketing sucks. Sorry. (And this means you too. Yeah! YOU!)

You know who does a great job at marketing? UPS and IBM. UPS with the white board explaining how they can be your logistics partner. Moreso, IBM's Smarter Planet ads that don't talk about IBM per se, but about what IBM is doing for its clients. THAT is how you market.

If you are one of the thousands that sell VoIP, what story are you telling your marketplace? Do you even know who your target marketplace is? (It is NOT everyone, everywhere.)

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