Zero Moment of Truth

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Zero Moment of Truth

I hit up the newest gastro pub last night. It's been open about 4 days. There were zero search results on Google about them. Just a flash-based website. It was slow in the pub. The staff was very attentive. The owner and I got to talking. He agrees that a website that is viewable on all mobile devices (including tablets) is important. We talked about all the sites today that you have to watch - GetSatisfaction, Yelp, Chowhoud, Urbanspoon, Metromix, MerchantCircle, Around Me (an iPhone app), OpenTable, Facebook, and the local search sites (Google, Yahoo and Bing). It seems just a bit overwhelming.

Then I read about Google's Zero Moment of Truth by Gary Kim and started reading the book.

From the Google book, "A Zero Moment of Truth is:"

  • A BUSY MOM IN A MINIVAN, looking up decongestants on her mobile phone as she waits to pick up her son at school.
  • AN OFFICE MANAGER AT HER DESK, comparing laser printer prices and ink cartridge costs before heading to the office supply store.
  • A STUDENT IN A CAFE, scanning user ratings and reviews while looking for a cheap hotel in Barcelona.
  • A WINTER SPORTS FAN IN A SKI STORE, pulling out a mobile phone to look at video reviews of the latest snowboards.
  • A YOUNG WOMAN IN HER CONDO, searching the web for juicy details about a new guy before a blind date."

More from the book:

"Would it surprise you to know that a full 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase?

Or that 79% of consumers now say they use a smartphone to help with shopping?

Or that 83% of moms say they do online research after seeing TV commercials for products that interest them?"

The take away should be that people are online - whether you are or not. That's where a majority of the conversations are happening - about YOU and Your Company and Your Services.

The question is: What are you doing about it?

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