Channel Ethics: Part V

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Channel Ethics: Part V

ethics.jpgRecently, I learned that a Channel Manager is also an Agent. I asked him about it and his reply: Who better to manage agents than an agent. It makes sense on the surface (like partison). And it is not uncommon. I was surprised how many Channel Managers have agent deals on the side or have a deal with an Agent.

When I asked this on LinkedIn today, "Is it wrong of me to frown on people who hold channel manager positions and are agents too?" Most agreed that it is unethical. One person noted, "Most telecom sales guys at one point or another have been in between jobs and have signed an agent agreement with company Y to take care of a friend or an old customer, so when they get a job with company X you think they should call up company Y and cancel the agreement?"

No, but that agent agreement should be dormant - and he shouldn't be double dipping.

I think as quotas increase and master agencies are under pressure to hit the ever rising quotas (or be unable to pay sub-agents), this practice of double-dipping will increase. Why? Masters will have to do whatever they can to bring in sales. Both the Direct sales guys (who also do this) and the CM's with Agent deals will dictate terms. It's going to get ugly.

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