2 Data Center Deals and some links

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2 Data Center Deals and some links


Yesterday I mentioned that Gladstone is the new landlord for one of Expedient's data centers. Today, zColo (of the Zayo Group) "acquired MarquisNet's data-center business in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 28,000 square foot data center, located at 7185 Pollock Drive, will be the twelfth zColo Colocation facility," according to the release.

And the Channel dumping InterNAP buys Voxel for $30M. "Internap, the leader in intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions, has joined with Voxel, the "go to" partner for scaling demanding web applications to provide you significantly enhanced IT Infrastructure." It just adds some virtualization and apps to the mix, along with some revenue. InterNAP needs the revenue, since it canned its Channel last year.

I have been reading some good stuff that I want to share.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, writes about Apple hardware versus the rest of the computer/tablet business. Kindle sold 4M units in December alone. The Amazon Kindle Fire is based on Android. It adds to the Android family. Rich points out that Apple products are still expensive, but competitors are selling units due to price points.

Another post is by Dan Rayburn about the Akamai deal to buy Cotendo, but the interesting stuff was his take on AT&T and CDN.

It amazes me wonder why there is always so much speculation about AT&T but very little about VZ. sure, recently we have the "Will VZ buy Netflix?" but with AT&T it's always something - cell, wireline divestiture, CDN, International, cloud - maybe its because AT&T moves so slow. Perhaps if the company wasn't a labyrinth of silos of legacy business - SBC, LD, Ameritech, BST, etc. - it could do business more efficiently and not piss off so many people. Then again, probably not.

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