Woes: AT&T, Spectrum, Yahoo, RIM

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Woes: AT&T, Spectrum, Yahoo, RIM

How badly does AT&T need spectrum now that the T-Mobile deal is dead? According to analysts (who are likely just trying to get press and pump up some stocks so they can make short term gains), AT&T has to make a move soon.  T-Mobile does too.

I find this interesting because AT&T and T-Mobile are sitting on spectrum that they have not deployed. If you needed it that bad, you would use what you have - at least for now.

Let's look at Clearwire as a 4G wholesaler. Clearwire has a ton of spectrum - not all of it deployed obviously, because they need money badly to operate what they have deployed and to build out the rest of their nationwide network. T-Mobile could partner with Clearwire for 4G.

T-Mobile could also outsource their 4G network to someone like Nokia Siemens (NSN). 

There is also Lightsquared. Oh, wait. The DOD kind of put the nix on that idea.

That must be why the analysts are bullish on DISH - and AT&T buying DISH. As a bonus, AT&T gets satellite TV and Blockbuster. That must be to counter Verizon buying Netflix.

MetroPCS and Leap are still in play in the bankers world of M&A. In the past, these two have had failed merger attempts, but this is a new dawn. Meanwhile, MetroPCS, which wanted to buy leftovers from the AT&T-T-Mobile merger, is saying that they could use Clearwire spectrum, too. Well, sign a wholesale agreement, Mr. Lindquist.

Today, we have both the FCC and CTIA stating that consumers will require 500 MHz of spectrum for bandwidth usage in the future. What they are really saying is that all spectrum will belong to 4 companies for all reasons - radio, TV and cell. You watch.

Comcast bought NBCU. Most MSO's own sports channels like MSG and YES. If Clear Channel, the mouth of Bain Capital's former managing partner (Romney), goes BK in 2014 as predicted, it won't be long before the radio, TV, news and cell are all owned by 4 companies: ATT, VZ, Comcast and Cox. That's my prediction by 2015.

in other news:

Jerry Yang, Yahoo's co-founder, has quit all positions at the company. This move comes as Wall Street is rattling sabers about selling yahoo off in pieces - even though PayPal's Scott Thompson just signed on for the top job at the struggling search company.  Thompson has a big job on front of him. Let's hope that Yahoo isn't the next Kodak.

Another troubled company, RIM, maker of my Blackberry, reportedly is in talks to sell to Samsung, HTC, or anyone.

Oh, yeah, one more rumor: Sprint merging with T-Mobile after buying Clearwire.

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