An Interview with StartMeeting

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An Interview with StartMeeting

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I had a long talk with Greg Plum, new VP of Channel Development at start-up, at ITEXPO East. He agreed to a short interview.


What's the special sauce for StartMeeting?


StartMeeting incorporates components of web conferencing that have become familiar and trusted, while introducing some new features, including fully integrated toll, toll-free, and HD VoIP audio options, custom greeting and on-hold music, and a fully customizable meeting wall for meeting hosts, all at price points well below the industry.

Why should agents and VARs choose to sell StartMeeting over other web conferencing options?

StartMeeting offers a simple, intuitive, and effective communications solution. Our aggressive pricing, starting at $19.95 per month for a 50 seat license, coupled with a reliable, fully-integrated, audio bridge, will get a prospect's attention. Our differences, including HD audio, social platform integration, and our customizable meeting wall, will make them loyal, long-term customers. Since ease of sale is paramount to the agent, our proprietary provisioning system affords the agent 80 pricing scenarios, paying commissions ranging from 25% to 35%, all via a promo code matrix. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Name one sales trigger for web conferencing.

When a prospect tells an agent they are using ANY web conferencing solution, the agent should recognize this as an opportunity to win this prospect as a customer and save them money by offering StartMeeting. This could also be used to get the attention of a seemingly impervious prospect. Agents can now show them something different... Disruptively different.

CALL TO ACTION: StartMeeting will be offering free demo accounts to agents and VAR's.

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