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I need to learn not to answer the phone if I don't know the caller. It's always robo-calls. And it is usually a Level3 number! 407-412-9892 was the Florida PAL. When did they start robo-dialing? I don't give money to phone solicitors anyway, but robo-dialing for dollars? How does that work?

469-341-0230 is another Google Local Search results call. I get a lot of those. Does this actaully work? I would guess that it would have stopped if it didn't.

The FCC is useless when it comes to robo-dialing. It really needs to be stopped by our own industry, but there are too many greedy and needy  folks in this industry for it to ever stop.

I actually got a call from an agent asking me for phone numbers for his client in Indonesia that needed throw-away numbers for craigslist ads. If he was standing next to me I would have knocked him over for even telling me that he helped that business. He may not hear for a few days though.

If you are in the robo-call business, don't tell me. I'll be too tempted to punch you in the face.

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