Bad News

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Bad News

I read all of HUgh Macleod's new book, Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear [AFFIL], on the flight to Atlanta to speak at the ISP-CLEC show here. It certainly got me thinking.

Bad news..... new marketing is just the same as old marketing, juts with cooler tools.

Bad news.... new marketing tools have lots more metrics.

Bad news.... the response time has shrunk. You have less than a 1 day to get back to your customer online.

Bad news... everyone knows! The Good, the Bad and especially The Ugly.

Bad news... sales is getting harder and more expensive.

Bad news... customer retention, referrals and WOM (word-of-mouth) are becoming the more important metric. (Retention is measured in churn.)

Bad news... no more ignoring mommy bloggers or that annoying guy on twitter.

I repeat, Acquiring customers is getting harder and more expensive.

Bad news... Listening to your Customers just got way more important.

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