8.5 Things the Olympics Taught Me About Sales

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8.5 Things the Olympics Taught Me About Sales


Do you want to be a world class sales professional? I do.

Do you want to win gold? I like ink and checks.

Here's how to be like an Olympian.

First, Set Goals. They don't get to the Olympics without Desiring it with all their heart.

To get to that goal, there are many steps. Each step requires two things: Practice and Training. Olympians practice every day. What do you practice every day (or even every week)? Sales has many steps to the process from Prospecting to Follow-Up. Practice new techniques, best practices and tips to improve performance.

Training is required. Spend time on product and sales training. It is even available on-line, via e-books and audio books.

Get a Coach. Every Olympian has a coach. I have had a number of coaches so far. Coaches help elevate your game. Coaches can point out what you do well and what you need to improve on.

Never give up. Be persistent. It results in more success.

Celebrate. All work and no play makes Peter a grumpy guy. Celebrate the wins along the way. And for failures, dust yourself off, look for something to learn from it, and know that without risk there is no reward, but risk means some failure.

No sales professional is an island. Marketing, Customer Service, Finance/Credit, Pricing and others assist the sales professional in delivering on promises. This brings me to number 8: Gratitude. Show gratitude to your team and your customers.

And in a hat tip to Gitomer, here is number 8.5: Olympians are excellent at just one thing. Being a jack-of-all-trades is fine, but to be the best, pick your sport (vertical, niche). Practice, train, be coachable, give thanks, cheer, and be persistent to be a gold medalist in sales.


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