Comcast Hits 300MB

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Comcast Hits 300MB

Comcast rolled out Xfinity Platinum service with speeds of 305Mbps down and 65Mbps up for about $295. It was designed to compete with VZ Quantum FiOS, which is 300Mbps down, 65Mbps up, and $205 per month in the Northeast. Xfinity Platinum will include free Xfinity Signature Support (27/4 tech support and a personal consultant), a secure wireless gateway, and the Constant Guard Security Suite.

In some areas Comcast is doubling the speed for its existing tiers. This will make selling T1's - and in some cases Metro Ethernet - very challenging for agents and sales folks. 300x65 is less than $300 - a T1 is a measly 1.5x1.5 for $300-$600. Talking about "Dedicated bandwidth" will only work if the cable system (or FiOS) in that area experiences congestion and/or outages.

Even if the customer only had throughput of 100x15 for that $300, a 10x10 Metro E costs three times that. Certainly, business class, SLA and other factors can be contributing to the negotiation, but it is getting more difficult.

Broadband has cannibalized DIA (dedicated Internet access) offerings. No wonder all the talk is about MPLS and private cloud; these services have not commoditized YET. Coming soon though.

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