The Fight Over Spectrum Dominance

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The Fight Over Spectrum Dominance

It looks like the FCC is going to approve the Verizon acquisition of the SpectrumCo - cable companies alliance - spectrum. Competitors are hoping for conditions on the deal, including conditions on the marketing deal that the joint-venture is designed for.

Sprint's concern to the FCC is about equal access to cablecos for tower backhaul. I wasn't aware that the cablecos had a huge stake in the tower backhaul business. They might, but I hear claims that every carrier has its fingers in that pie.

The ITTA President Genevieve Morelli wrote on July 10: "Under the Commercial Agreements, the parties have created strong incentives to ensure that competitors such as the Midsize Carriers no longer receive backhaul business. For example ... they will effectively shut out all competition for backhaul contracts with Verizon Wireless."

"Thirty-two House Democrats today penned a letter to the FCC and the Justice Department urging the agencies to review Verizon's pending purchase of spectrum from several cable firms with extreme caution," from PCMag. And delay the decision if possible. The FCC decined to delay. However, "The full FCC will appear before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's technology subcommittee tomorrow for an oversight hearing that will likely touch on the spectrum issue." So that will show them.

After saying NO to ATT-T-Mobile, it seems hypocritical to say YES to this deal, which puts VZW in bed with the Top ISP's and MSO's, who right now are the ONLY competition that the RBOC has.

Here's hoping the DOJ and the FCC put some restraints on them -- but more important actually ENFORCE the terms of the deal, which they have failed to do --- EVER!!!

Hey, Julius, maybe you can give them a pile of Connect America cash too, just to sweeten the deal.

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