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Various Tidbits

Two of my pals work at Counterpath. It went on NASDAQ today. Congrats! "CounterPath Corporation (OTCBB: CPAH) (TSX-V: CCV), an award-winning provider of desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions, today announced that its common stock will commence trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market on July 11, 2012. The stock will continue to trade under the symbol "CPAH" on the NASDAQ Capital Market and under the symbol "CCV" on the TSX Venture Exchange." Counterpath is a Vancouver, BC, Canada, company. Big VoIP/tech hub there.

CenturyLink wants more than the 30% of the $300M USF reform fund called Connect America. In fact, they want to overbuild on existing WISP's with that money. WISPA Opposes the new federal Subsidies for CenturyLink. Personally, I don't think that any LEC or MSO should receive federal funds. If we had the best broadband in the world, I would say okay - that's worth the money. We don't. They spend more than $300M in lobbbying per year!! Spend that money on broadband. Plus there are small businesses called Wireless ISP's already in that market that C-Link is going to spend tax dollars to put out of business! That's the Corporate Way!

MegaPath has the largest Ethernet over Copper footprint in the US. There are 600 Central Offices with ADTRAN Total Access 5000 gear to provide facilities-based EoC up to 20 MB.

Data Centers are growing. That was actually a headline yesterday. No kidding!

Health Care: What HIPAA Means for Data Centers. My understanding is that transport isn't a worry - and there is no such thing as HIPAA compliant transport! It is all about the storage, security and handling of the medical records - physical or electronic. That also means data centers have to be secure and tracking visitors, in case one gets access to a storage device. BTW, it is HIPAA, not HIPPA. How can you even say you are compliant if you get the acronymn wrong?!

Dell Voice is offered in Canada as a competitor to Vonage Mobile. Dell Voice is now on Blackberry, just in time for their corporate jet auction.

XO introduces a purple logo and a new XO Partner Program.

I remember all the WinTel articles about the Intel-Microsoft alliance dominating tech in the 90s. Today, not so much.

Voice Carrier wasn't thinking when it named itself. Branding rule number 1: if they can't find you in search, you don't exist. Didn't you learn anything from Xerox or Kleenex?

"Today services like Dropbox give people access to their work anywhere, any time, on any device, and users love it. (52% of our survey respondents said Dropbox is used in their organizations. Only 12% of IT departments are supporting it.)" How Mobile Consumer Devices Drive Cloud Applications in Enterprise IT.

Are you like a dog with a bone about anything?

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