What's Up With Level3?

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What's Up With Level3?

What's up with Level3? Not its income or free cash flow. (But its long term debt is up to $8.426B).

The acquisition of Global Crossing was going to fix all of that - or so they said. The brains behind this move forgot a few things:

  • Level3 is awful at integration! Didn't we all learn thsi before?
  • Far too many customers had both GX and L3 for redundancy. They are moving to other providers, so L3 is losing the combined revenue.
  • Repeatedly turning networks and routes up and down creates a bad overall network that customers complain about and leave.

I was going to say that at least L3 did not play around with its VoIP networks or its CDN. I can't. L3's customers suffered a huge outage in Florida recently that blackholed all the VoIP numbers and Internet traffic for over 4 hours. I know because I had customers complain - then ask for quotes on replacements.

The two sales forces plus the Channel could have equaled more, but integration; network issues; and replacement quotes have kind of squelched that fire.

Is bankruptcy now an option?

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