Another Unpopular Decision is the Tale of the FCC

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Another Unpopular Decision is the Tale of the FCC

don't think the FCC has ever had a popular decision. As far as I have seen, every decision they make ends up in court. TELRIC, Brand-X (DSL and Cable access for ISP's), CBS Nipplegate, Tennis Channel versus Comcast, AT&T-T-Mobile decision, cell phone radiation (which is back in the news), USF Reform and the list just goes on.

Today, the DOJ and the FCC announced that they will approve the VZW-SpectrumCo deal. I am still trying to wrap my head around this one. How do you say No to the number 2 and the number 4 cellcos merging but okay the Duopoly working together?? There was competition before. Now there will be none!

""The Antitrust Division's enforcement action ensures that robust competition between Verizon and the cable companies continues now and in the future as technological change alters the telecommunications landscape," Wayland added."

The FCC's only job is to protect the consumer and make sure that they have access to phone lines. Once again failure at the F-Agency. It's myopic view of LTE as some kind of sacred cow is laughable. They won't innovate or manage their spectrum better if you keep taking away competition!

Rural DSL will now be replaced with LTE, which is not only more expensive but is metered!

The best part for VZW is that they can't write all this off. Scrap the copper and follow the ATT lead:

"While AT&T was slapping usage caps and overlimit fees on its customers ostensibly to help pay for network upgrades, AT&T wrote off the value of those upgrades on its federal taxes, winning turbo-charged tax deductions for every new cell tower, 4G upgrade, and just about everything else AT&T used to enhance its network," reported Stop the Cap about ATT paying zero taxes and getting a $420M rebate.

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